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The Pretty and Fit 10 Day Challenge:

A 10 day Challenge focuses on eating healthy, rather than starving. It changes your eating habits, speeds up your metabolism, and basically helps you lose the weight quickly. I always suggest people use the challenge with interval training for even better results! 

Q- What is the Pretty and Fit Challenge?

It’s a 10 day diet challenge that focuses on eating healthy, rather than starving. It changes your eating habits, speeds up your metabolism, and basically helps you lose the weight quickly. I always suggest people use the challenge with interval training for even better results!

Q- How much do you lose on the challenge?
The average is 10lbs.  It’s been as low as 5 and as high as 15. It’s all about how strict you are and how closely you follow it.
Q- What’s the difference between the pretty and fit challenge and the Xtreme workout?
The challenge is all about your diet and eating better, the workout is an awesome high intensity interval workout that gives you amazing results in the shortest amount of time.
Q- Is the challenge Vegan and Vegetarian friendly?
Absolutely! There are tons of foods to work with, and I’m always here to give you ideas and recipes for you to use! 
Q-  Are you a nutritionist, dietician, or Doctor? Nope - I do not claim to be either. All advice is based on personal research and opinion.  You know what…. Neither is Tim Ferriss who has a book on the Best Sellers list which shows you all kinds of diet research and gives advice on what you should be doing to lose weight. It’s up to you to decide if it works! 
Q- Why are you selling something if I can just google weight loss information. That is your preference! If you want to search through thousands of fad diets and quick slim quick pills, then that’s your choice! I personally like the get information from someone I know has tried it rather than a corporation that has a great marketing plan.  I only sell it because it took me time to research, test, and then send out to everyone. 
Q- Can you really lose 10lbs on the Pretty and Fit Challenge? Absolutely! Will it be all fat, No. It takes 3500 calories to lose 1lb of fat.  You will lose water weight along with fat.  If you continue the challenge, you will see results of more fat loss overtime.  All diets have the initial water weight loss, but a loss is a loss so it’s added into the total number. 
Q- How is this not a fad diet? I encourage healthy eating with exercise after you finish the challenge. It’s about changing your eating habits, not about losing the weight. Once you eat better and workout, you will feel better, and the weight comes off by itself.  By no means is this a get thin quick scheme. If you follow the challenge, and then continue to eat healthy as I suggest, you will keep it off. If you go back to ice cream and cookies, the weight will come back.  

All Reviews listed are courtesy of ladies on Tumblr.  Each name here should be an active Tumblr account.  They have given me their permission to post their name, and their reviews.


EmmajaneWoodhouse:  Been doing the Pretty and Fit 10 Day Challenge for a Week… And I’m down 6 lbs! Holy crap my stomach is just so much flatter than it’s ever been. It’s getting easier to resist cravings and I’m actually enjoying going to the gym every day – haven’t missed a day yet! Woo hoo! Hawaaaiiiii here I come in a smaller bathing suit woooo hoooo

Ofrain: The Xtreme workout is no joke. I just finished day one and can already feel the pain.

forever-unstopable asked: I got the 10 day challenge a bit ago (when it was free) is it the same now & or different ? just wondering & its really helped me as a guideline for a healthy lifestyle.

sparkly-sluttz: I looooved the 10 day challenge! I lost 8lbs! Thanks so much:)

Jesuisdanslesnuages: Heyy, I had started refining what I’m eating since after christmas, then I started your challenge a couple days ago! I just wanted to say that I love it so far and that I can tell its working! I’ve been enjoying eating the food on it and it’s definitely paying off.

briana-sparks: I just wanted to tell you I am on the fourth day of the pretty and fit challenge and I have already lost 4 lbs! I love it! Thanks for making this plan ! <3

girlnamedk: Soo after reading tons of great comments and results from those trying the Pretty and Fit 10 Day Challenge, I decided I’m gonna give it a try. What do I have to lose? WEIGHT. I’m sure if I don’t lose much at least I know I wont gain weigh. I read over it and I am very impressed with it.. I haven’t even started yet but I already recommend it.. it promotes healthy eating! You can learn to eat this way for life… Not a diet. Tmrw will be my first day, so I can track how much I lose on the plan.

Lessforthebest:  For everyone who is asking about the 10 Day Challenge, it works! I lost almost 6 lbs in 7 days. And you eat all the good stuff, by good I mean they taste good AND they’re healthy. You won’t regret, and everything is very flexible and well explicated. Buy it, it’s great.

carasheart: Today is day 3 for me on the challenge! down 2lbs =)

the—space—between: hello! absolutely loving the xtreme workout, so good!

purelybiotic: Also in addition to the P&F challenge message I sent yesterday, I have lost about 5 lbs in a little over 2 weeks! I started off around 117~118, and I just weighed myself this morning at 112.6. Feel free to share with your followers

fitfitfitness: I’ve been LOVING the 10dc so far.. just wanted to let you know! I’m having a hard time keeping my carbs down, but I feel better than it’s from green apples rather than my usual bagels, pasta, and toast daily! My size 0 jeans fit me again without having to wiggle and jiggle into them & I just feel so much more energized and confident! When my next paycheck comes, I am 100% planning on getting a meal plan from you! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and support to us all! <3 xo

itmeansnevergiveup: 3rd day on the challenge and already feeling my pants fitting smaller!

randomerika29: I just want to say thank you! after following you I tried to eat healthy and somewhat did but still did not try hard enough.  I am on my third day of the 10 day challenge and I’ve already seen improvement!  I am not going on a scale till the ten days finish . The workout also helps big time!  I do them each morning and I feel so energized through out the day .  You are seriously helping me be HEALTHY! Even if people stare at me because I am reading labels at the store it is worth ti!

sainetforte: I bought your pretty and fit challenge about a week ago and I have already lost 3-4ish pounds. Granted, I have been working out 6 days a week, but what you eat is extremely important. I haven’t followed the meal plan to exactitude, but I have taken from your tips and food lists. It feels so much better to eat whole and clean. People should definitely buy the challenge for guidance.

Anonymous Reviews – These people wished to not have their name out there for their own personal reasons.

—Heyyyyy your challenge was so Uhhhmazing I lost 13 pounds and it’s been a week and I haven’t gained anything back I can’t believe it your xtreme workout kicked my ass and I already workout a lot I am suggesting it to all my friends Seriously you helped me so much.

—Being a vegan is tough but you really helped me find things that would work on the challenge and stay vegan. You are an inspiration and the sweetest girl on tumblr. Thanks for helping me!

—To anyone thinking about the pretty and fit challenge BUY IT. Never has is been so easy to lose weight (9 pounds for me) and Pretty & Fit is so nice and helpful that her advice alone is worth the $5

—I lost 6 pounds. I was already small but the challenge just helped get the last bit off

—Thank you so much for the Pretty and Fit Challenge, only 10 days and I’ve lost 11 pounds! I feel amazing and I can’t wait to lose the next 10 and be at my ultimate goal weight. Sorry for the blurry photo, iPhone shot was the best I could do. Please share with your followers!!

— 4lbs down on on day 4 of your challenge and I feel great!

— AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I’m down 4 pounds on day 3 of the P&F challenge. You broke my plateau!!!!!!!!

— Love your blog Love how you help people and LOVE how I lost 8 pounds on the 10 day Challenge you are amazing

—I got your meal plan a week ago and I lost 3 pounds on it.  Deeeelish food that was all healthy and stuff I liked.  I’m for sure buying a month plan next

—Day 7 of the PF challenge, down 8 pounds. I can’t believe it.

— Started the 10 day challenge on monday and I’ve lost 6 lbs! I was shocked when I seen the scale today:D

— Anonymous asked: Cant get enough of your blog its so good!! I bought your challenge like 3 weeks ago and I use it as a guide and it’s helped me lose 15 pounds not even following it super close you created something pretty great.

lawlzahannah asked: Day 1 of your Pretty and Fit 10 Day Challenge and Xtreme Fitness Routine, and I am definitely feeling it! Thanks so much for the guidance.