Personal Training


Why Hire a Fitness Coach?

My Coaching services are targeted at anyone who wants to improve their overall health & endurance. Whether you have worked out for years or find it to be the missing link in your fitness, you can benefit from a coach.

What will you get with a coach?

·         Personalized training plan geared to your level of fitness and tuned to get you to your goals without injury.

·         A new way of looking at health and fit. It is not quantity, it is quality.

·         Accountability in your training.

·         Strength training and flexibility plan.

Distance Fitness Coaching Rates:

Weekly Rate:

Each plan Includes:
Initial consultation and assessment, goal assessments, nutrition objectives

Training Plan - adjusted as needed based on individual recovery and lifestyle changes

Strength and Conditioning exercises and schedule

Weekly assessments and adjustments via email if multiple weeks are ordered.